Hindutva groups demand restoration of temple in Gulbarga fort

Hindu Jagruti Sena members on Monday have submitted memorandum to Deputy Commissioner in Karnataka’s Gulbarga, demanding permission to perform pooja inside the purported Shiv mandir inside the Bahamani fort.

The Hindu group members protested near the DC office in Gulbarga and submitted a memorandum saying that those people staying in Bahamani fort should be moved from from there, otherwise they will we will hold a statewide protest.

Speaking to reporters, Lakshmikant Swadhi claimed, “The Someshwar temple inside the fort existed even before the fort was built. We came to know that the temple has been demolished. We got to know about this and we have submitted a memorandum to the DC, demanding that the temple be renovated.”

“The temple should be cleaned by Shivratri and we should be allowed to do puja inside it. Otherwise, we all Hindu groups from across the state will perform puja inside,” he said.

This controversy comes at a time when the country is already witnessing many Hindutva outfits claiming that mosques and monuments have been built upon the rubbles of temples.

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