Bengaluru school allegedly asks alumni to rename Gyanvapi ‘Mosque’ to ‘Temple’ on Google map

Bengaluru’s New Horizon School has purportedly asked many of its alumni to change the name of Varanasi’s Gyanvapi Masjid to Gyanvapi Temple on Google Maps. 

“Please update on Google map as a Gyanvapi Temple instead of gyanvapi mosque. You are requested to do it and ask our Hindu brothers and sisters to do it till google update this changes. Please open the google map. Search for Gyanvapi Temple but you will see it as gyanvapi mosque. Touch on/Click on – Suggest edit. Touch on – Change name or other details. write as “Gyanvapi Temple” and mention as “Hindu Temple”, read the email sent in bulk, addressing every recipient by their names.

An active hyperlink for the Google Maps page on Gyanvapi Masjid was also included at the end of the e-mail and the e-mail ended with ‘Regards, NHPS’. 

This incident came to light when several of its former students started sharing screenshots of the email and raised questions.

Meanwhile, a source in the NHEI told Deccan Herald that someone had “hacked” the details of parents and other stakeholders from the school’s online database.

“The school had lodged a complaint at the Kothanur police station about four to five days ago seeking an investigation,” the source added.

Meanwhile, speaking to DH, an officer from the Kothanur police station said that representatives of New Horizon International School had filed a complaint two days ago about an unauthorised WhatsApp group but he denied that the complaint was about e-mail hacking. 

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